Conducting field research in Shwebo, in Myanmar's Dry Zone.

Conducting field research in Shwebo, in Myanmar's Dry Zone.

When I was a child, my favorite thing to do was roam through my grandmother's closets, and hear her tell me the story behind every letter, photograph, and keepsake. As an adult, I’ve turned my love for stories into a tool for innovation and social impact.

Most recently, I spent two years in Myanmar where, as Project Design Lead for a social enterprise called Proximity Designs, I headed ethnographic research, prototype testing and financial modeling to evaluate the potential of sensor-based products to impact the lives of rural Myanmar farmers. I found myself barefoot in the living rooms of countless farmers, and am filled with respect for their resilience, and gratitude for their willingness to co-create with my team.

I am constantly writing, be it about second-hand books in downtown Yangon, or Russian culinary exploits. A couple of years ago, my sister and I co-created a bilingual, interactive children's book.

These days, you'll find me at the intersection of human-centered design, business strategy, and social impact. To that end, I am pursuing an MBA at the Yale School of Management and am looking for opportunities to combine the creative with the viable to build powerful products, services, teams, businesses, social enterprises, brands, stories, art, you name it, that change the world. 

Do say hi: claudia.sosalazo@yale.edu